ASCA 2020, Vananjanlinna, Finland 
POSTPONED to 5.-8.9.2022

We all know that the coronavirus is at the moment affecting the whole World and causing lots of restrictions. Now, middle of May 2020, there are no clear signs that we could all be able to travel to Vanajanlinna and join the ASCA 2020. - So we have made the decision to postpone ASCA 2020 to the next year. 
We hope that you and all your loves are fine and hope to see you all in Vananjanlinna in September .2021.

This is still the ASCA 2020 web page. And will be ASCA 2021 - And in the same way next year-  You will find two sub pages., INFO PACKAGE and NEWS.
INFO PACKAGE  gives you the information needed for registeration to participate the event and overall information about Vanajanlinna hotel and Linnagolf. - page will be up to date again in March 2021.
NEWS page will give the latest news & information and also have the Q & A for the questions you have asked about the event  during  the coming months. 
The date of last update  will be seen on the page.

Welcome to Finland 6-9.9.2021
Finnair Golf